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It’s normal to feel anxious or worried when starting a new job or before a big exam. However, when you feel anxious, fearful, or worried about everyday situations that interfere with your usual routine, you may have an anxiety disorder. At Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center and the team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety. They offer comprehensive evaluations, ongoing counseling, and medication management. To schedule an appointment, you call the office.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion that causes you to feel tense and worried. Many people experience anxiety before situations or events that have unknown outcomes. However, in most cases, the feelings subside after the event.

If you feel anxiety, fear, and worry on a regular basis that seems to be getting worse, then you may have an anxiety disorder, which may affect your ability to manage your daily responsibilities.

What are the types of anxiety disorders?

The team at Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center specializes in the diagnosis of all types of anxiety disorders and conditions that cause anxiety. Some of the most common include:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

With GAD, you may feel ongoing fear and worry about many things, such as work, health, or interacting with others. 

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

People with social anxiety disorder have an intense fear or worry when they need to engage in social situations. They fear embarrassment or being negatively judged by others and may avoid social situations altogether.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

People with OCD have intrusive thoughts that cause intense feelings of fear, distress, and anxiety. The obsessive thoughts trigger a compulsive behavior that alleviates anxiety and distress. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD occurs after someone goes through or witnesses a traumatic or life-threatening event. People with PTSD may experience severe anxiety and avoid people, places, or situations associated with the traumatic event. PTSD also affects thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

How is anxiety diagnosed?

When you visit Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center with concerns about an anxiety disorder, the team conducts a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to diagnose your condition.

During the evaluation, your mental health provider asks detailed questions about your feelings and concerns and the types of activities that trigger them. They also review your mental and medical health history and perform a physical exam.

The team may also run blood work to confirm or rule out a physical condition that may be causing your anxiety. 

How is anxiety treated?

The team at Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center takes a holistic approach to care. They develop individual treatment plans that include a dynamic and in-depth plan of action aimed at optimizing your physical and emotional well-being.

Treatment for your anxiety disorder may include medication to address your acute symptoms, along with short- or long-term counseling that helps you develop skills that optimize your emotional and physical well-being.

Don’t let your anxiety keep you from living your life. Call Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center.